I mean I did see the power it affords to the speaker. That’s fine. The problems come when it’s too easy to anticipate people’s votes, so maybe that’s because of our 4 player game. Some pretty bloody good stories in this Collingwood team.Bucks has been criticized for the majority of his coaching career (rightly for the most part). Looked like he was going to get sacked last year, was written off all pre season and copped it after Round 1. Never won a flag as player now has a chance as a coachChris Mayne copped it from just about everyone last year, now he was solid in a Prelim final and looks pretty much cemented in the Pies best 22.Goldsack did his ACL just 6 months ago and has not only returned remarkably quickly but has just seamlessly come back in to the team and played his role well.I don’t think I’ve been this disappointed in Richmond in a long time.

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